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Providing a complete range of lift services
for homes and commercial buildings.

Exceptional service, whenever you need it.

We are a nationwide lift company. Our fully trained lift engineers use the most innovative skills for installation, modernization and maintenance of our any lift product. Combining workmanship, knowledge and convenience to provide you with the best lift service.



We are privileged to have a team of lift technicians who are experienced in the installation of a wide range of lift brands. We install lifts in all types of buildings ranging from hospitals, universities, sports facilities, hotels, shopping centres, warehouses, offices & even homes. As well as ensuring the new lifts we install are safe and reliable, ESCLER also ensures that the new lifts comply with international and national quality standards.


Elevators & Escalators are constantly moving machines. You need to protect your investment. Whatever brand of lift you have, ESCLER will take care of it by providing the best maintenance service which will prolong its lifespan. Together we can create a cost-effective planned lift maintenance package to suit your specific needs, based on our survey recommendations. We’ll ensure you get the best value from your maintenance contract.



Our world is constantly and rapidly changing, for the better. Your aging/aged equipment will need an upgrade to keep up. We provide you with the best solution to modernize it. Unreliable, tired lifts have the ability to transform any building’s status from being pleasing and welcoming to frustrating and unpleasant. Our lift modernisation services can range from upgrading a few things to providing a brand new equipment that will be tailored to your needs.



Our products are for the people and they are customized and personalized as such. Access to to the right information gives you power. When it comes to lift shaft construction, lift installation or lift maintenance you will require to consult experienced professionals to assist you make an informed decision. Feel free to consult us for a personalized guide on how to build your shaft well, one that will best house the product you need for your building.

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